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Vito Oil Systems Inc. has partnered with Dominion Lending Centres - DLC Equipment Leasing to provide leasing opportunities and low monthly lease payment options.

DLC Leasing provides fast and affordable equipment lease financing to businesses and government agencies across Canada and the United States.

If your company has other equipment financing needs, please contact DLC Equipment Leasing.
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VITO 50 Oil Filter System



VITO 80 Oil Filter System

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The Benefits of Leasing

Let the Equipment Work for You
Leasing allows you to pay for the product as it is being used...the savings generated by the VITO Oil Filtration System 'pays' for itself.

Example 1:

Weekly Oil Usage (pails based on 16L volume) = 8 pails
Price per Pail (16L Pail) =
(use the VITO savings calculator above to find out your savings)

With your purchase of the Vito 50 you could save:
$4,493 in 1 year or $374 per month

You can lease the Vito 50 Oil Filtration System:
Low monthly lease payment of $93 on a 36 month lease

Your net savings is $281.00 per month

Conserve Capital
Our leasing programs provide 100% financing and require minimal investment for the 'purchase' of the VITO Oil Filtration System. You can immediately take advantage of the benefits of the new equipment without using existing capital or credit.

Preserve Existing Credit Lines
As an alternate credit source, our leases don't interfere with established credit lines. This expands your available working capital.

Tax Advantage
Lease payments can be 100% tax-deductible - check with your accountant. This can speed-up the rate at which the equipment is written-off (depreciated).

VITO 50 Oil Filtration System
$93 month for 36 month lease on OAC*
$128 month for 24 month lease on OAC*
VITO 80 Oil Filtration System
$130 month for 36 month lease on OAC*
$182 month for 24 month lease on OAC*

Click Here to complete application online now.

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Please complete application and fax back.

* OAC is defined as On Approved Credit. Depending on credit qualifications actual payments can be either lower or higher than the suggested payments above.

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