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Build consumer awareness about the benefits of eating at locations that “micro filter” the carbon from there oil, by displaying your Certified VITO Oil Filtration User decal.

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VITO Oil Canada Filtration Systems Customers

As this product is very new to North America a very large number of the over 16,000 satisfied customers are based in Europe.

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"With out question one of the best equipment investments our chain has ever made. We have seen up to 50% in oil savings."

Todd Sherman, Managing Director
12 Locations in the GTA


"All of our restaurants which are using the VlTO are experiencing a 35-40% reduction in oil consumption. This equates to big savings. The quality of our deep fried products has improved."

Great Times in Halifax
Chef, Grafton Connor Group
Halifax, NS, Canada


"The quality of the oil lasts a lot longer. My fried food is crisper and tastes better. By filtering out the fine particles we believe the food is much healthier. Before VlTO we used 6 pails of oil weekly, now we use 4."

Atlantic Host Hotel
Keith DeGrace
Bathurst, NB
, Canada


"We have noticed a clear improvement in the quality of our food. There is no burnt taste to our deep fried foods and we have been getting more positive comments from our customers. There is also a difference in our oil usage."

Mother Webb’s
Chef de Cuisine
Antigonish, NS
, Canada


"We have a six pot deep fryer system, with an annual oil consumption of approximately 22 000 liters. Since we started purchasing the Vito 50 units we have seen a substantial increase in the quality and life of our oil. We save up to 40% oil. Vito 50 is very easy to use.''

Enfield Irving Big Stop
Mr Dwayne MacDougall
Enfield, NS
, Canada


"We have had our VlTO for 2 months and our oil consumption has decreased over 50%. Product consistency has improved dramatically in quality and taste."

Boomerang’s Steakhouse
Chef de Cuisine
Dartmouth, NS, Canada


"The colour of the oil has improved, it's lasting much longer and it's easy to use. Has increased the lifetime of our oil at least 30%."

O’Carrol’s Restaurant
Bruce Keith
Halifax, NS, Canada


"VlTO has more than doubled the life of our oil and improved the quality of our food. I have ordered 3 more units."

Murphy Group
Kevin Murphy
Charlottetown, PEI


"We have been using the VlTO for four weeks. We are getting double the time out of the oil. We have now bought the second VlTO."

Olde Dublin Pub
Charlottetown, PEI


"Before we purchased the Vito 50 we changed the oil on an average every three days and now with the Vito 50 we get on an average five days out of the oil. Not only was this investment a cost saving for the oil, we also find the product has a much better taste. We are very satisfied with the purchase of this Unit."

Delta Beausejour
Stefan Miiller
Moncton, NB


"Not only has our oil purchases gone down but the quality of the taste in our fried foods gone up and yes, the customers notice."

The Bayou Pub & Eatery
Hugh Borlase
Shediac, NB


"My VlTO is working very well; it is giving us twice the life that we had before. We are very happy with it."

Anchor Family Restaurant
Maurice and Gisele Richard
Rexton, NB


"The best benefit is the oil savings. Our average weekly consumption of oil before switching to the Vito was 12,120 kg cubes per week at a cost of $361.00 or $18000.00 per year. On the same sales volume we are now using 6 cubes per week giving us an annual savings of $9,000.00."

Boomerang’s Steakhouse
Brett Judson
Moncton, NB


"...The machine is very robust and easy to use and maintain. It is my opinion that every catering operation operating a deep fryer would experience significant financial gain by using this system ..."

The Killarny Oaks
Mr. Daniel O'Hanlon, Head Chef


"...The VlTO can be easily cleaned and is very user friendly and also has increased the presentation of the food products. I have no hesitation in recommending this system to any professional kitchen or catering facility."

Logues Liscannor Hotel
Mr. Alan Smith, Head Chef


"...We have been running the VlTO for a couple of month now. It's saving us about 60-90 Euros a week on oil..."

Claregalway Hotel
Mr. Paul Jannon, Head Chef


"...We have found the unit to be user friendly and maintenance free. I would have no hesitation in recommending the unit to any business ..."

Dromhall Hotel
Mr. Brian McNamara


"...we are very pleased with the results ... Filtration with VlTO improved both appearance and performance of our oil and fryers. I think this system can be a great benefit to any size establishment ..."

Meadowlands Hotel
Mr. John O'Leary, Executive Chef


"...In the present financial climate with oil costs increasing the VlTO Filtration System is a necessity to any catering establishment ... Finally I would like to thank Excel Food Equipment for their ongoing support and training ...'

Eddie Rocket’s City Diner
Mr. Jonathon Parkhill, National Manager

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